Safety, Health, Environment & Quality (SHEQ)

We are committed to operating in accordance with recognised quality management principles and protect:

  • The health and safety of those directly involved with our activities and, where possible, with third parties; and
  • The environment by preventing, or minimising, significant adverse environmental impact from our activities

whilst never knowingly compromising our health & safety standards to meet our objectives.

Our approach to SHEQ management is built on our respect for our people, our contractors, our stakeholders and the environment; we pursue our ultimate aim of zero incidents.

Key to the achievement of that aim is our SHEQ culture. Our leaders and managers recognise this, demonstrating a strong and visible commitment to SHEQ management and promoting a positive culture within the company. To nurture this positive culture, we encourage personnel to report all incidents, near misses and concerns – without fear of reprisal – to embed an ethos of continual learning and improvement of SHEQ performance.

Our Safety and Environmental Management system is in place to support the achievement of our policy commitments.

We recognise that process safety performance is critical in our business and we are committed to the prevention of major accident hazards and events and, where that is not possible, ensuring that the risks presented by any accident that does occur are mitigated to an “As Low As Reasonably Practicable” (ALARP) level.